Whitewater rafting on the Chilko River. British Columbia, Canada.

Date and Time Details: Arrive 3pm Chilko Return Vancouver by 3pm

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  • $2,695.00 – 1 traveller (based on double occupancy)

Chilko-Chilcotin-Fraser River Expedition

With Ashley Scanlan and Brian McCutcheon

June 18 - 25, 2017

Ranked as the Best River Trip on the planet by OUTSIDE Magazine in 2014, the Chilko-Chilcotin-Fraser is unmatched in its awesome diversity and enormous stretches of Class IV whitewater.   A geological showcase of southern British Columbia, the trip begins with a spectacular flight over the glaciated Coast Range into Williams Lake.  From there, we transfer to the headwaters of Chilko River at the juncture with Chilko Lake.  There are also more expensive charter flight options into Chilko Lake which allows you to spend the day hiking, biking, fishing or paddling at Bear Camp.

Now matter how you decide to get there, this world-class river adventure winds through lush alpine forests, narrow canyons, high desert plateaus and skyscraping hoodoos, then ends 3,000 vertical feet lower and one week later on the Fraser River, the lifeblood of Canada’s largest river system.  The route runs through Lava, Big John and Farwell canyons and includes the continent’s longest stretch of commercially navigable whitewater.  Our new itinerary allows a layover day and affords lots of time to inflatable kayak and hike.

We think celebrated author Pam Houston sums it up best:

“What I love most about the river isn’t the challenge of the rapids, isn’t the drop dead gorgeous scenery, isn’t even getting intimate with a place you can’t get to in a car (though I love all those things too). What I love best about being on the river is the way you move through space at a speed humans were meant to move, and the whole day becomes about making your miles, making your meals, making a comfortable, if temporary, home.”

The Chilko-Chilcotin-Fraser is much more than this, but we think you get the picture!  This trip can be easily combined with a 4-day Bear Camp multisport beforehand or a 5-day Multipart at the end.

About the Leaders


Ashley Scanlan

Ashley Scanlan joined ROAM in 2007 and after working her away around the globe as a river guide and wrangler, she finally decided to call the Chilko home.   Formally trained in Adventure Tourism Business Operations and as a Wildlife/Environmental technician, Ashley partnered with Brian in 2010 and Bear Camp was born!  She is best […]

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Brian McCutcheon

ROAM founder, Brian McCutcheon, has worked as an international guide since the early eighties. With experience ranging from first descents, golf pro, movie stunt man, product manager, ski instructor, marketing director to college instructor, Brian has a keen attention to detail and will ensure your trip is unique and great fun.  Guests have been quoted […]

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